Laser Precision - The Technology behind our Modern Cartography

Do you love maps?  So do we!  Using the precision of modern laser cutting machines, we have blended art and technology to create stunning three dimensional maps.  Our laser cut maps are designed from the most current open source map data and intricately cut from multiple layers of premium Baltic Birch.  But how do we achieve such precision?  Well, the secret is in the laser cutting machine.  We thought we'd share a little bit about laser cutting and our process through a series of blog posts.  So to start, here's a little bit about the technology behind our process!

If you've never seen a laser cutting machine, here's a simplified description of how it works. Inside the laser tube, nitrogen molecules are stimulated by electricity.  The energized nitrogen in turn excites carbon dioxide molecules and the laser achieves a state where the system has more excited particles than non-excited ones. Once in this state, the nitrogen molecules come in contact with cooler helium atoms and release light in the form of photons.  Inside the tube, the light is reflected back and forth gaining intensity as the beam is reflected and the multiple waves are aligned.  The light is directed through a small, partially reflective opening at one end of the tube where it is reflected off a series of mirrors along a precise path to the laser head.  At the head of the laser, the invisible beam is focused and directed onto the surface.  The intense light vaporizes materials near the focal point and the result is magical!

This is the technology that allows us to create beautiful pieces of art with such precision.  We hope you love our products and enjoy browsing our site.  






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